Roof coatings have become a popular alternative to flat roof replacement. There are many reasons coatings have become to the go-to for building owners including low cost, ease of installation, and no need for tear off, but if you already know the benefits and are ready to apply – how do you do it?

Let’s learn how to apply a roof coating including how to pick the right material and other pro tips on getting the job done the right way. With the right coating by the right contractor, you’ll get several more years out of your flat roof.

1. Roof Coating Inspection

The first step is an inspection on your current roof. This helps the coating contractor determine if your roof is a good candidate for coating and what types will work best for you. Roof coatings are most popular for single ply membrane roofs but can also be applied to metal and built-up roofs.

2. Material Choice

The contractor will work with the building owner’s budget and needs to determine what type of roof coating is the best fit. Silicone coatings are the most popular but acrylic and polyurethane might be a better match.

3. Cleaning the Roof

The coating contractor needs a smooth, debris-free surface to apply the coating, so the first step is cleaning. A contractor will remove all debris then use a pressure washer to scrub the previous materials. The contractor may use solutions like soap depending on the material.

4. Fixing Damage

Roof coatings are great at sealing small problems but any obvious damage like buckling flashing, busted seams, or ponding, should be addressed before the installation begins. This step is critical for a complete job and the best possible results for your roof.

5. Priming (If Applicable)

A clean and repaired roof will be ready for coating installation. Depending on your roof and coating type the contractor may spray up to two layers of primer before the coating. Not all roof coating jobs require primer.

6. The Coating

The surface is clean, repaired, and primed – we’re ready for the coating! The roofing contractors will use sprayers, squeegees, and their hands to apply the coating uniformly.

7. The Second Coat

Always be sure your coating contract includes a second coat. One coat will help an aging roof, but it takes two coats to tap into the warranties provided by coating manufacturers. You want two coats or nothing.

Finding a Roof Coating Contractor

While the popularity of roof coatings has grown, so have shady contractors looking to make a quick buck. If you’re ready for a roof coating you only want to hire a roofing contractor with previous coating experience, great reviews, and personal referrals.

Roofcorp of Metro Denver, Inc. has been installing high-quality roof coatings for several years and have the expertise to handle your roof coating project whether it’s metal, flat roofs, or built-up tar and gravel roofs. Call Roofcorp or head to our contact page to schedule a no-obligation inspection and estimate for your coating project today.