Savvy homeowners have service companies on call for different emergencies. Check your fridge and we bet there are magnets for plumbers, electricians, and contractors – but do you have anyone for your roof? Though it’s normally the largest part of our home’s exterior most people don’t have a roofer on call for emergencies and don’t perform any regular roof maintenance.

Neglecting your roof can lead to big unforeseen repair bills so it’s best to learn how regular roof maintenance could save you thousands and how to choose the best roof maintenance program.

The Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance


Avoid Big Repair Bills

The biggest advantage in having your roof regularly inspected and maintained is avoiding big repair bills. Most leaks and damage don’t pop up overnight but show stress well before they result in a large problem. A roofing expert can find any small or potential issues and have them patched before they turn into large-scale repairs. Often small repairs can be rolled into your regular maintenance program and will cost you little to nothing out of pocket.

Make Your Roof Last Longer

Watching for leaks, taking care of your roof covering, clearing debris, and other small maintenance practices will work together to help your roof last longer. You might not be able to add several years of serviceable life but with a little maintenance you could get several months and possibly a few years extra. Good for anyone’s bottom line.

Uncomplicated and Inexpensive

Regular roof maintenance is not complicated. Under a regular maintenance program a representative will normally check the roof twice a year (in the spring and in the fall) to make sure everything is watertight, the roofing materials are in good condition, and that any small leaks or bits of damage are repaired. Even with regular repairs a roof maintenance program is affordable for most homeowners and property managers.

Free Damage Inspections

Was your roof hit by hail or a wind storm? Get it checked for free. Most roof maintenance programs are outfitted with free damage inspections after storms or other issues. Having an on-call roof expert can also help you get in the front of lines if a large hailstorm hits your neighborhood. While everyone else is reading reviews and looking for someone to replace their roof, you’ll have your job signed and materials ordered.

Great for Property and HOA Managers

Managing a sprawling apartment community or HOA is much easier with dedicated roof maintenance. Property managers have on call plumbers and other service companies at the ready, so why wouldn’t you enlist a roofer too? You’ll keep your tenants happy and save on your bottom line by avoiding any large repair bills. It doesn’t matter if you manage one property or one hundred, regular roof maintenance is key.

Hiring a Roof Maintenance Company

When hiring a roofer, you want someone with a reliable track record and plenty of great online reviews. Roofcorp of Metro Denver has provided regular roof services including maintenance programs since 1996, and we’d love to help you manage your property too. For more information, referrals from other property managers, or to schedule a consultation – call Roofcorp today. Roofcorp has the people and experience to keep your roof happy, healthy, and ready for anything.