If weren’t for Mother Nature most roofs would last several years longer than they do today, but that’s why you have a roof in the first place, to protect your home against the elements. While you may know of a few elements that are bad for your roof like hail or ice, you may not realize the problems that simple rain can do to your roof so how can rain damage roofs? Let’s look at some examples of what rain can do to the roof.

How Can Rain Damage Roofs?

In the end, it is not necessarily the actual rain that can damage your roof, even really simple materials installed properly will stand up against even heavy rain, but it’s the nastiness that comes with it. Rain can be accompanied about hail, wind, snow, ice and other damaging materials but let’s focus on the some of the things that simple rain can bring with it.


Obviously rain brings moisture with it and most people know moisture can be a real enemy to any home. If moisture is staying stagnant on your roof, such as in a pile of wet leaves your roofing material may be more likely to harbor mold, mildew and other nasty forms of rot. The same goes with moisture that finds its way into your home. The moisture can build up in attics or rooms and make an ideal growing environment for these organisms.

Standing Water

You probably won’t have many issues with standing water if you have a sloped roof but this can be an issue with flat roofs. Standing water will try to find the easiest path of resistance to drain off at, usually this water would flow into some types of gutter and downspout system but if you have indentions in your flat roofs this mean the water will just sit there. When water is looking for somewhere to drain to this might mean it can find small cracks and fissures in the roofing material to leak through instead of washing over like normal.

What Can I Do About These Issues?

Your best course of action is to make sure your roof drainage system is performing at its best. Have a roofer out to examine your roof if moisture or standing water are issues and together you can find a solution.