If something goes wrong with your roof, the question that might be swirling around your head is how much does a roof cost? You know it’s expensive, especially if you need a replacement. How much does the roof itself cost? How much does labor cost? Will my insurance cover the costs? How much will my deductible be? These questions are easily answered by any roofer, but we’ll breakdown the basic cost so you can put your mind at ease.

A Breakdown of Roofing Costs

The first factor in determining a roof’s cost is its size. Shingles, and labor, are often billed by squares of roof. Each square refers to a square foot of your roof. The slope of your roof, whether or not you have multiple stories, and other factors of your roof design will be considered, too, when pricing the overall cost of your roof with a roofer.

The roof pitch will also increase the labor costs of the roof. Your roof pitch is how steep your roof sits. A steeper roofer is more dangerous for roofers, even with safety gear; a less steep roof will cost less. Any roof that has a pitch of 8/12 or higher is generally considered the most dangerous types of roof and will run you more in labor costs unfortunately.

For shingles, depending on the type you get and what features they have will cause the price of them to fluctuate. Your roofer will work with you based on your roof, where you live, the weather and more to give you an accurate assessment of what you should get for your roof. Higher grade shingles will offer more protection and last longer than lower grade ones. Depending on your insurance company, you may be required to get a certain type of shingle which will be covered but might increase your deductible.

Any additional work you may need to done, such as gutters, vents, skylights and other roofing components, you might need to invest in extra costs. Your roofer will go over these costs with you. Some will be covered by insurance, others won’t, so make sure to get the full picture from a roofer before you begin to truly worry about the overall roof cost.