When it comes to repairing damaged elements of your home, a common thing that gets overlooked is the importance of a sturdy roof. Many homeowners put off roof repairs and replacements, because the cost can be too much to handle. This often promotes the DIY approach in many, because it generally seems like the cheaper option as opposed to hiring a contractor for the job.

Unless you have a contractor’s license, and insurance, experts suggest you stay off of your roof, and leave the repairs and installation to a professional. Determining how much a new roof will cost you depends on the condition of your existing roof, and the materials underneath.

Existing Roof Conditions

The cost of a new roof is contingent on several factors, the greatest one being the condition your existing roof. If you have an old roof that has weathered a lot of damage, and has maybe even been ineffective in keeping the elements out, then the repairs and replacements of a new roof spread much wider than just your roof’s outer layer of protection. Because your roof is designed to prevent moisture from going past the surface layer of protection, every damaged layer that follows poses a threat to the structure and safety of your home. The cost of a new roof depends on how much re-building a roofing contractor has to do to ensure the greatest safety and protection of your home and belongings.

Average Costs

Homeowners are known to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 or more on a new roof for their home. As stated, this number is contingent on a number of factors, but the goal is to replace your roof and get it functioning and looking as good as new. While previous damage does play into the varying price of a new roof, so does style, brand, shingle-type, and contracting company. According to HomeAdvisor, the average American will spend roughly $6,708 on roof replacement.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor

The key to saving money, and getting the best roof for your budget is working with a certified contractor you can trust. Labor costs play into the price of any roof repair, replacement, installation or inspection. Shop around for references and get quotes and estimates from any potential roofers before embarking on a repair. Because roofing companies are all operated differently, they set their own prices, and the differences will be easy to see in determining which company you should go with.

No matter what, be sure that you only hire a roofing contractor who shows you proof of full insurance coverage, explains all of your options and warranties, and is easy to get ahold of in the future should you run into issues with your new roof.