Haverhill, Massachusetts is dealing with a roofing project cost inflation to their police station that is going to cost the city almost a hundred-thousand dollars over budget. The Haverhill police station’s roof, which is being replaced for the first time since it opened 15 years ago, can blame the additional costs on a new roof ventilation system. While this ventilation system was part of the original bid, additional costs are not being added to improve the overall quality of air ventilation in the building.

These unforeseen costs may cost the city $80,000 when all is said and done, with the city council scrambling to find the funds to cover the cost. The police headquarters is located on Bailey Boulevard and is relatively new to have its roof replaced so soon. However, the new air ventilation system appears to not filter air as good as it should be, which is why the project is being plagued by a cost overrun.

Cost overruns are common with roofing projects, especially for commercial buildings. These costs are typically factored in the overall bid and contract, usually at a five to 15 percent buffer that both parties are aware of and that are ready to be covered in the even they occur. In many cases, these issues arise when roofers start building out the roof and notice issues, such as the case with the Haverhill police station.

When entering the final phase of the project, roofers noticed that additional vents were needed to properly achieve better airflow. While many might ask why this wasn’t caught sooner, sometimes things can’t be helped with roofing until you’re in the middle of the project. The city will most likely approve the additional costs because of how far into the roofing replacement they are.

When dealing with roofs, whether residential or commercial, it’s important to make sure you understand the overrun costs associated with any project. You never know when you might need additional vents or other factors to properly facilitate the roof project being completed and to ensure you don’t have to repair or replace the roof sooner than necessary.