Spring is here! Its time to come out of your winter slumber and check your home for spring maintenance. One element that homeowners often forget to check up on are their gutters. Gutters funnel the water that comes off the roof to specific channels so it can drain away properly and insure that areas of the yard and foundation aren’t flooded. Roofcorp Inc. is here to give you advice on doing your gutter check.

Pro Tip: Make sure you take caution any time you are on your roof or ladder, serious injury can result from even the lowest of heights. Contact a professional if you ever unsure.

Why You Need a Spring Gutter Check Today

Certain elements of your gutter system are more likely to fail. Seams and downspouts will be the most likely areas where excess water and debris will collect. If it is possible wait to do a check when the first rain storm hits. Toss on your coat or grab your umbrella and take a walk around the perimeter of your house. Check to see that the downspouts are properly aligned and are draining where they are supposed to. Areas where water is flowing over the gutter and into your yard could mean that the gutters are clogged or a seam has come undone. Clogs are more likely to happen where the gutter meets a downspout.

When it dries up recheck these areas, it could just be a matter of debris clogging a drainage hole. If the gutters seem to clog up often it may be time to invest in a gutter guard. If there is an excess of granules in the gutter your shingles may also be past their prime. If multiple seams are starting to split it may be time to replace the gutters altogether. You can look into installing seamless gutters on your home so you don’t have to worry about this kind of failure again.

Also check to make sure if the fascia of your roof is exposed at all. The fascia is the area running just below your roof’s edge. Without proper gutter drainage, this area can take on mildew and begin to rot with excess moisture.

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