We are all looking for a signature roofing material that both looks great and serves the roof well. Premium materials such as tiles and slate may be outside of your price range but you do want a material that will last a long time, look great and stand up against the elements. That’s why we recommend you look into Grand Manor roof materials. Let’s look at what makes up the Grand Manor series by CertainTeed and some of its unique benefits.

What Are Grand Manor Roof Materials?

Grand Manor shingles are a line of luxury laminated shingles produced by CertainTeed. The main idea behind the Grand Manor roof line of shingles is to give the regal appearance of slate tiles without the expense and weight of real slate. Grand Manor is also manufactured to be the perfect material for steep slope roofing applications. Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing Grand manor roof materials.

Advantages of Grand Manor Roof Materials

The first obvious advantage of the Grand Manor series is its stark beauty. Like the slate tiles it is meant to imitate, Grand Manor shingles are cut randomly and each shingle is unique. This random order gives its a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than the simple uniform 3-tab shingle. The layering of the shingle also gives it a unique depth and shadow pattern not found on many other shingles. There are ten different color designs so you can pick out the shingle that matches your home exterior.

Not only do they look good but the Grand Manor series is very strong as well, strong enough to come with a lifetime warranty. The Grand Manor is built to last, coming with a 15 year 110 mile per hour wind resistance warranty, lifetime limited warranty on manufacturer defects, 15 year StreakFighter warranty, so they will retain their beauty and a wind warranty upgrade up to 130 miles an hour. The Grand Manor series is known to stand up to driving wind, precipitation, snow and ice and is hail-resistant.

This is all due to the shingle’s same multilayer design with fiberglass inserts that give it its unique depth and appearance. The best part is that while Grand Manor holds many of the same characteristics as slate, it comes at only a fraction of the cost.

Talk to your local roofing contractor and browse CertainTeed’s PDF brochure to find out if the Grand Manor series is right for you!