Roofing contractors and salespeople are always looking for ways to make their jobs easier. Any tool that increases productivity or helps more sales is a tool that you want to have on your side. There are many new digital tools and applications that have made many jobs and industries more efficient and it’s no different with roofing. GAF is at the forefront of developing these digital services to make roofing better for both the customer, roofing contractor and the salesperson. One of the most popular tools developed by GAF is the GAF Pro Roof Estimator. Let’s take a look at the GAF Pro Roof Estimator, what it does, and how it can help roofers across the country.

What is the GAF Pro Roof Estimator?

The GAF Pro Roof Estimator is a digital application developed by GAF to help roofing salesman come up with quotes for potential customers quickly and accurately. A third party study found that 43% of homeowners stated they would be more likely to choose a contractor if they provided a professional looking estimate and that’s what the Pro Roof Estimator’s aims to do.

Using the GAF Pro Roof Estimator

The app comes preloaded with loads of material information, pictures, warranty information and several other facets of roofing. You simply input different specifics about the roof such as material and size into the app, let it search through different criteria and give you an accurate estimate in just a few seconds. So you can input the information in and instantly turn back to the customer to give them an idea of what they are looking at cost wise for their roof. Currently the app is only available for GAF factory certified contractors.

Other Apps by GAF

The Pro Roof Estimator by GAF is not the only application GAF has developed to help out contractors. Their Tips From Pros apps helps salespeople during the sale by providing tips and best practices on measurement, inspection, material selection and warranties. If your customer wants to see what their roof will look like with certain colors and materials you can also use the GAF Remodeler app. Simply snap a photo of the customer’s roof and browse through different colors and styles. The app will project a simulated roof onto the picture to give customers a better idea of what the finished product will look like.

Don’t let technology intimidate you, use it to your advantage. Download these apps from the iTunes or Android store to make the job easier for both you and the customer.