GAF announced that it will be developing more tools and application to help roofing contractors streamline their business and save time.

The new applications include GAF Tips for Pros app, a new Android based GAF Remodeler app and GAF Pro Roof Estimator App. The apps are being released in order to help roofing contractors with their sales processes and are now available for download.

According to a study by a third part organization nearly half of potential roofing customers said they would be more likely to choose a contractor that presented them with a professional looking estimate. This in part led to the creation of the GAF Pro Roof Estimator which is available to contractors that meet proper GAF certifications.

The app seeks to be simple, efficient and customizable. Contractors can input a wide variety of information including measurement, materials, inspection criteria and more. GAF wants the tool to help contractors close more sales with an accurate and professional estimate.

The GAF Tips for Pros app is designed to help in a array of tasks for the in-home selling process as well. The app is a collection of best practice selling and advice techniques that include features such as warranties, inspection and measurement. The app is also open for salesman and contractors to submit their own photos, tips and videos. This app is available to GAF Master Elite certified contractors.

GAF is making their popular iPad app, GAF Remodeler, available for use on the Android operating system. The app lets contractors take a photo of a prospective house then immediately map the roof. The homeowner then can browse different shingle types and see a representation of what their roof would look like with different colors and styles. This can help speed up the material selection and process and give the customers a better idea and assurance of what the finished product will look like.

According to GAF, these tools are designed to read and review expert advice, and allow for its sales people to make an immediate impression on homeowners. Leslie Franklin, senior product manager at GAF states that the applications will help provide contractors with a distinct market advantage.