Fort Collins is unique in that it lies in an area with wild and varying weather patterns. It is important to make sure you Fort Collins roofing system is up to the task to defend your home. Here are some of the best practices for Fort Collins Roofing.

Fort Collins Roofing Must-Haves

Proper Ventilation 

Because of the weather extremes in Fort Collins, it is important to have a proper ventilation system. Not only will a good ventilation system help keep your home cooler in the summer, it can help melt snow off your roof faster during a large snow storm.

This can prevent leaks from dreaded ice dams, which are build ups of ice on the roof that can damage shingles, flashing and other parts of the roof. A good ventilation doesn’t just mean a lot of vents, but rather a proper continuous flow of air into and out of the attic.

Proper Materials 

3-Tab shingles are the most popular form of roofing on the market due to their price and availability. With the extremes of wind and hail in Fort Collins, the homeowner may want to consider something bulkier. Dimensional shingles are thicker and stronger than regular 3-Tabs and impact-resistant shingles are proven to stand up to Mother Nature’s worst.

Other alternative forms of roofing such as metal or clay tiles are something to consider to keep your home well protected and leak free.

Proper materials does not just include the shingles but the entire roofing system. Make sure the whole roofing system is built to be complimentary to the covering. Underlayment and ridge caps are all important to get you the most out of your entire roof.

Proper Installation 

You can purchase the best roofing materials in the world but it won’t matter unless you get a roofing contractor that knows how to do the job correctly.

Make sure your contractor is certified in the materials they are going to install. These certifications come directly from the material manufacturer and show that the contractor has dedicated time to learn the proper techniques in their installation and use.

Use these best practices to insure your Fort Collins roofing is ready to take on anything!