Designing a roof has a lot of weight in how it holds up to everything from hail damage to shingle collapse to impacts during severe weather. While no roof is foolproof from damage, things can be done to help reduce the chance that your roof is damaged from wear and tear. The design elements of roofs include: Materials, construction and durability. Let’s look at these elements closer to see how they affect every roof.

Design Elements of Roofs

The design elements of roofs work together to give you the best roof possible for your home or building.

As we said, there are three primary design elements of a roof:

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Durability

Roofing materials range from leaves to straw to copper to aluminum and many things in between. Most people don’t actually think about how roofing materials are made and depending on the type of home they have, where they live in the world and weather conditions, they go with one type of material over the other. It’s important to discuss with your roofer the best material for your home and where you live. By using the right material, you guarantee protection from the elements and wear and tear the best you can.

Once you have materials for your roof, you can focus on the construction. The angle the roof sits at determines the type of construction method required for efficiency, safety, and results. Most residential roofs are pitched with a slope which allows for reflection of sunlight and drainage during the day. When you take the roofing materials and install them a certain way, you’re able to take advantage of what they do for a particular home or roof, along with using them aesthetically.

The durability of the roof comes from the construction method used, along with the materials. When paired properly, both work together to create roof durability. This helps keep your roof from needing constant upkeep, maintenance and repairs and gives it a better chance of standing up to a powerful storm or impact damage. When you find the right roofer, these elements come together to give you a roof that lasts long into the future no matter what obstacles it faces.