Colorado has seen its snowiest season in years, bringing snow packs across the state well above average. A solid snow pack is always good for Colorado’s environment but too much snow near Durango and the southwest portion of Colorado has officials warning residents to get it off their roof before it causes a collapse.

When Should You Worry About Snow?

Residents in Durango need to clear their roofs but the good news for the rest of Colorado is that roofs only need to be cleared in extreme cases like the situation facing southwest Colorado. Engineers and construction companies know the prospect of heavy snow loads so framing is reinforced to handle serious weight. Unless city officials or other experts are warning that you need to clear your roof, you’re likely okay. A small layer of snow is good for your roof as it acts as extra insulation.

If your home is older, hasn’t been inspected for several years, or was built before modern building code went into place, you could face issues during extreme loads. If you hear creaking or notice a portion of your home is sagging or looks off – you need to clear snow.

How to Clear Snow off Your Roof

In an ideal world you’ll use a local roofing company to clear snow if necessary. Roofing crews have the right tools, equipment, and knowhow to get the job done safely. It’s understood that not everybody can call a roofing company is their roof is creaking at 11 at night – what do you do?

If you must clear snow off your roof, use these tips to keep yourself safe:

Stay on the ground. You can easily clear snow off a 1-story roof from the ground and most two-story roofs can be reached with an extended brush broom. You can even open windows and brush the snow off outside while your feet stay firmly planted inside.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Watch where you’re stepping and know where you’re going if you trigger a mini-avalanche.

Take your time. We know it’s cold out but don’t rush through a clearing. The faster you work the more likely you’ll get hurt. Be deliberate in your actions and know where you’re going next.

Dealing with the Snow

Durango residents are busy brushing storms off their roof but it’s only necessary to clear your roof in extreme cases. If you do have to clear your roof, try using a roofing company first. If it’s an emergency always stay on the ground, pay attention to your surroundings, and work slowly. Snow is typically a good thing for roofs but when it becomes too much keep yourself safe.