Its that time of the year again in Colorado and the Western states when hail storms seem to come everyday. A homeowner might get tired of constantly calling a roofing contractor out to do minor repairs and decide they need to learn a little of the trade themselves. Roofcorp always applauds self sufficiency but we want to make sure if you stay safe if you are attempting roofing repairs. We’ve compiled a short list of tips to keep you safe up there.

DISCLAIMER: Any roof repair, even minor, carries an inherent risk of injury. Only attempt a repair if you are confident in your ability to stay safe.

Quick DIY Repair Safety Tips

  • Make sure you pick up a day with fair weather conditions: Even slight moisture greatly increases your chances for slips and falls. Bad lighting also can make you miss sharp edges and objects. Choose a clear sunny day.
  • Proper Footwear: Choose a shoe that has rubber soles with good grip. Aim for something that also has a high mid and choose a shoe that has laces as opposed to slip-on. You should never get on a roof or ladder with sandals or flip flops.
  • Proper Eyewear: Roofs and their materials contain many reflective materials. Try to wear polarized sunglasses to greatly cut down on distracting light and glare.
  • Secure Yourself: A fall from any height  has the potential to cause serious injury. Always secure and harness yourself with the proper equipment.
  • ALWAYS choose proper safety equipment: Employees of Roofcorp use protective gear and you should think no differently. These protective items should always be at hand: Head protection, leather gloves, protective eye wear, hearing protection, knee pads and safety ropes.
  • Keep an Eye Out: Make sure you are continuously aware of your surroundings. Always be on the lookout for electrical wires both over your head and under your roofing material. Also watch out for duct work, plumbing and ventilation materials. If you are ever unsure about anything electrical, do not go near it.

These are only pointers, if you are unsure of the damage of how to fix it do not attempt to go further. Contact Roofcorp for a free inspection.