After going through the selection process and finding reputable Denver roofing contractors it is time for the actual installation. There are steps you can take as a homeowner to make sure the process goes smoothly so you can enjoy the peace of mind of your brand new roof.

Make It Easy for Your Denver Roofing Contractors

One of the most important steps you can do for the contractors is make sure spaces are clear available for them to work in. Here are some tips for a clean work space:

  • Make sure the driveway and delivery area is clear. Your roofing company will give you a call the day before the delivery is set to take place. You should clear your driveway of cars and other obstructions so the material deliverer can back right up to the job site. Make sure vehicles are clear in areas of the street where the delivery truck driver may need to maneuver in. Note any cracks or deformities in the driveway before¬†the delivery in case any damage to your pavement or sidewalks occurs.
  • Leave open access to power. The roofers will need a reliable power source for their electrically powered tools. It is important that outdoor outlets are not blocked by any furniture or items. If you don’t have any outdoor outlets use a garage outlet and string an extension cord outside where it will be readily available for roofers. This helps no time be wasted scrambling to get power to get the job going.
  • Leave open access to the roof itself. This one seems obvious but homeowners may often to forget to move grills, patio furniture or other items in the way. This takes more time for the contractors to move around your items to put ladders up and in rare cases may lead to damage of personal property.
  • Take note of special areas and inform your roofers. The installation of the roof can produce a lot of scrap that roofers typically will fling off a roof. The last thing you want is for large piece of roofing material to land on your prize roses. Inform your roofers before they begin work about where they will be placing equipment and tossing scrap material to avoid any of these issues. This is usually not an issue if the roofer comes prepared with their own dumpster.

We hope this article helped make your roof installation easy on you and the roofers!