There’s many types of gutters on the market. While most homeowners opt to go for aluminum or steel gutters, which offer great benefits, there’s a rise in popularity in copper gutters. Copper gutters add a different dimension when framing your roof and overall home. If you’re looking for something elegant, different and beautiful to go with an old, rustic home, consider copper gutters.

More About Copper Gutters

Copper gutters work just like other gutters on the market, with added pros and cons. One of the biggest cons of copper gutters is the price tag associated with them. This puts them out of reach for most homeowners who just don’t want to invest that much in their gutters when having them redone.

Copper gutters can range from the low thousands to the six to seven thousand dollar range depending on the size of the home. Copper gutters also require professional installation, so that adds on to the cost, too. Oxidation is another concern for copper gutters, as copper rusts over time due to the process. While you can apply a sealant to your gutters, they’ll eventually oxidize and you’ll need to keep up with maintenance to prevent it.

Some of the pros of using copper gutters include:

Don’t rot or rust
Strong and can withstand impact from hail and debris
Unique look and style to fit older homes perfectly
Improves the overall price of a home
Little maintenance if preventative measures are taking to reduce oxidation

If you’re considering copper gutters, you’ll want to consult a roofer. They’ll be able to give you a breakdown of what it’ll cost to get the gutters down for your home, along with the time frame involved when working on your roof. If your roofer can’t do copper gutters, they can refer you to someone who can.

Copper gutters may be an option for your home, especially if you’re looking for a unique look for your home. Copper gutters may add to your home even if you didn’t consider them before so consult your roofer and see what these types of gutters can do for your home and property.