Denver and Colorado’s Front Range has seen extreme weather in the tail end of the winter and the beginnings of spring. While late winter and early spring are typically Colorado’s snowiest months, the sheer amount of snow and extreme cold is unusual for this time of year – and it’s causing problems. Let’s learn what types of problems come with the recent weather and what you can do about them.


If you notice abundant moisture in the attic or spot slowly-developing leaks and drips you could have a condensation problem. Condensation is caused by runaway attic temperatures that cause water to form in your attic like it does on a glass of ice water. Condensation is linked to poor ventilation or insulation. If you see condensation in the attic it’s best to call an HVAC company before calling a roofer.

Ice in the Gutters

Dangerous chunks of snow and ice in your gutters and eaves, commonly known as ice dams, can cause a host of problems. Like condensation, ice dams are most often caused by poor ventilation and poor insulation. These factors cause the snow to melt at different rates and pile up at the eaves of your home instead of draining correctly. Talk to an HVAC company for ice dam problems.

Other Leaks and Drips

Damage from ice dams, condensation, and other-winter caused drips and leaks can cause sizeable damage if not addressed right away. Check your attic after the worst of winter has passed to make sure you’re aren’t seeing any leaks or moistures. If you do, have them addressed by a local roofer immediately.

Too Much Weight?

Many Denver homeowners are worried about the weight that all the snow brings with it but snow on the roof is normally not a problem, Denver homes are built to tolerate heavy loads of snow and ice without buckling. Attempting to clean your home of snow can be very dangerous. Only clear snow off when you hear moderate to severe creaking or believe the integrity of your roof is close to done – and only use a local roofing crew to do it. Your local roofer has the knowledge and equipment to safely clear your home of snow.

There are many unique problems our snowy and cold winter and spring brings to Denver roofs but there are easy ways to keep yourself protected. Get your home insulated and ventilated, always check for leaks after big storms, and only clear snow if necessary. With these tips and the help of your local roofing contractor you’ll be ready for whatever enemies Colorado’s bizarre seasons can throw at it.