Roofcorp has stressed the importance of doing your research before hiring a roofing company to avoid many common scams. One Colorado roofing and paving company was recently indicted after authorities found out they were scamming many of their elderly customers.

Colorado Roofing Scams

Authorities say the company in question was involved in a door-to-door bait and switch, the people who were targeted were often elderly and lived out in rural areas. The men traveled to several towns and counties including Arapahoe, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld County. The contractors would state to the customers that they had recently performed a roofing job and had leftover material. They would then offer a very high discounted rate to install new roofing on these resident’s home.

The deal was simply too good to be true, after work was done the homeowners were left with a bill that far exceeded the original estimates. Homeowners report that the work was also very shoddy and hasty. Some homeowners confronted the company about the terrible work and were met with arguments and further abuse.

As of now three men have been arrested in the case. Rickey Dean Fite, his son Rickey Gene Fite and Rodney Jackson. The three men have been charged with several crimes including money laundering, tax evasion, felony theft and could possibly face charges of criminal attempt to commit criminal exploitation of at-risk elder. Police are still searching for two other men, Michael Sullivan and Emanuel Broadway who they believe were also involved in the scam.

The men could face up to 24 years in prison if convicted of the more serious crime of targeting elderly people under the Elder Abuse Law in Colorado. They will be prosecuted in the Boulder District Court.

Protecting Yourself From Colorado Roofing Scams

Roofcorp would like to remind its readers about the importance of doing background research before any kind of agreement is signed. Always make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that is licensed, accredited and insured. Don’t be afraid to ask to see insurance documentation. Look for companies from accredited sources, such as the Better Business Bureau. Remember, if the price sounds to good to be true, it probably is.