Roofs are meant to take punishment, but they aren’t meant to hold weight indefinitely. During a heavy snowfall, your roof can only take so much. Do you know how much weight your roof can handle safely? If not, you want to find this out as soon as possible so that you can estimate when you need to clear snow from your roof. Here’s how to clear snow from your roof.

How to Clear Snow From Your Roof

The key to clearing snow from your roof is to do so before it becomes a problem, because at that point, it’s usually unsafe to get up on your roof and take care of it. In order to deal with snow on your roof, you’ll need a roof rake. For most residential roofs, a roof rake will do the job just fine.

A roof rake extends and allows you to clear snow off a roof without you getting up on, which can save you from injury and harm during icy and snow-filled days. Using a roof rake is easy, you extend it out as far as you need it, then you pull snow off the roof to clear it completely. You continue to clear the snow until it’s no longer on the roof or until you get the majority of it.

The best path to follow when clearing now from your roof is to start at the edge, then work your way into the snow or ice pulling downwards. You want to scrape off the ice at the bottom of the snow on your roof to get at least two to three inches at a time off the roof. While you don’t necessarily need to get all the snow off the roof, it can help if you have the time and snow is still falling.

While you can call professionals to remove snow from your roof, if you can do it yourself relatively easy, why would you spend the money? In order to clear snow from your roof, a roof rake is the easiest way you can do-it-yourself.