Choosing a roofer isn’t an easy decision for a homeowner. When you need a roofer the most, you’re most likely in the middle of a crisis. You’ve sprung a leak, have hail damage or something other calamity has struck. From there, you need to find a roofer fast so you speed through the research process often going for the cheapest roofer in your area. This isn’t the way to choose a roofer. Here’s how to do it the right way.

How to Choose a Roofer

Even in crisis, choosing the right roofer is more important than finding a roofer. If you go with any roofer on the block, you may find one who can’t work on your roof, has issues or perhaps doesn’t do the job right. This lead to more expenses and more time when your roof might be out of order.

The best step to choosing a roofer is simple: Do your research.

Look at your local area and search for roofers. You can use Google, the Yellow Pages, Angie’s List or even the newspaper. Make a list of five to seven roofers, then look at their web sites, social media profiles and online reviews. This will give you the bigger picture of who they are as roofers and what issues they’ve encountered. More importantly, this will give you a complete picture you need to determine if a roofer is right for you.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a handful of roofers, call them and ask for a free estimate. If they don’t offer a free estimate, hang up and move on to the next roofer. Unless you have a need that’s nothing normally covered by a roofer, estimates should always be free and a courtesy a roofing company provides you.

From there, you can choose which roofer makes you feel the most comfortable and at ease during the estimate and bid period. They can begin work as soon as you need them to and you can get your roof fixed promptly.

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