Hiring a Roofer Checklist

If you’ve been affected by the recent Colorado storms or you just need someone to look at your rickety roof – it’s time to make a call to your local roofing company. The roofing industry is notorious for shady characters, out-of-state companies, and people who don’t want to give you the best job but there are plenty of reputable roofing companies out there too. Your goal is to do the proper research and get the best roofer possible out on your job. Follow this handy checklist to hire a great roofer.


Your first step is to confirm any potential companies are local and have worked in your area for several years. Check a potential company’s license and registration with your city. If they aren’t registered within your jurisdiction, you don’t want them. It’s advisable only to hire companies that are registered with your local Better Business Bureau too. An A+ rating with your local BBB is the best bet.


Online reviews are one of the greatest tools at your disposal – take advantage of it. Use consumer-oriented review and rating sites like Angie’s List, Google Reviews, and even Yelp. Don’t just look for the overall score, read the individual reviews. Look for high quality, fair price, and great customer service to make a short list from reviews. If there’s a one-star review, look for an explanation and if there’s any response from the owner or company. How a company responds to a complaint often reflects how they do business.


Reviews give you an overall feel for the company while referrals, references, and testimonials can paint a detailed picture. Reach out to your short-list of roofing companies and ask for a few personal references. A reputable company will be more than happy to turn these over. Call at least two of the referrals and ask any pertinent questions about working with the company. You can be confident you’re making the right choice after using personal referrals.

If you verify that a company is local and licensed, that they have great overall reviews, and they are happy to hand over personal references, you’ve likely found a great roofer. Always have a great roofer handy, even if your roof is in great shape, so you always know who to turn to when your roof needs help.