The CertainTeed Corporation, a Pennsylvania based roofing products manufacturer has opened up a new 150,000 square foot product warehouse in Jonesburg, Missouri.

The opening up the facility is the first step in the eventual $100 million manufacturing and product distribution plant in the town just west of St. Louis where the company was founded. Construction is under way in the next step in the project, a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility where they company will produce their Landmark series of shingles.

The facility will serve as the home base for CertainTeed for the Midwest United States. The facility will create an estimated 100 new full time jobs in the area with the possibility of around 400 temporary and part time positions. The complex is slated to be opened in entirety in 2016.

Tom Smith, the president of CertainTeed stated, “Opening this spectacular new warehouse on schedule is a testament to our firm commitment to the St. Louis community, as well as the graciousness of state and local officials.”

Smith went on about CertainTeed’s commitment to the St. Louis area by stating, “Our company was founded over a century ago in St. Louis, and we’re proud to say we’re well on our way to having another home base in the area, which will guarantee efficient local order delivery.”

Several people were invited to attended the baseball-themed event including distributors, contractors, architects. The opening was full of seminars, new product demonstrations, tours of the new facility and more. The event was titled, “Rounding Home and Heading for Third.”

The CertainTeed Corporation was founded in 1904 as The General Roofing Manufacturing Company. In 1917 they changed their name to the Certain-teed Products Corporation and was a publicly traded company by 1918. Currently CertainTeed operates 65 different manufacturing plants in North America and ships its products to over 50 countries and holds over 350 patents.

Roofcorp Inc. utilized CertainTeed products for many of its customers including the Landmark series that is being produced in the new Missouri plant along with other premium shingles and impact resistant products. To explore different CertainTeed materials please explore our products page, or simply contact one of our roofing experts today!