There are many reasons to convert your flat roof to a sloped or pitched roof. Whether you’re looking to reduce maintenance, add more storage to your home, or simply increase the overall curb appeal and appearance of your home, a pitched roof could make all the difference.

Things to Know About Flat Roofs and Pitched Roofs

A flat roof is very unique. It adds character and style to any home, making it one to remember for any passerby. Flat roofs add distinction to your home, and can make it stand out among the identical neighborhood styles in your community. These characteristics are all presentation-based though, because a flat roof doesn’t offer much in the realm of usability.

In the housing and real estate industry, flat roofs have had a historically bad reputation. Flat roofs have served their purpose well on commercial buildings for centuries, so it’s likely that they’ll work just as well on houses. The trouble is that many home insurers won’t cover flat roofs. Flat roofs on houses are more prone to sagging, caving, and ponding than those on commercial structures. Standing water is never a good thing, and the functionality of a flat roof could actually pose more of a threat to your home.

Pitched roofs on the other hand are designed to last longer than flat roofs. The slope and materials make it less common for elements collected by your roof to stick around like they would on a flat roof. Maintaining pitched roofs is easier, which extends the life and longevity of your home’s roof, more than that of a flat roof. Pitched roofs offer more space for both storage and insulation, whereas flat roofs offer no storage, and no insulation.

Things to Consider Before Converting

Many homeowners who have flat roofs decide to convert to a pitched roof for the additional space, appearance and maintenance. There is a lot to consider before making the switch, but the cost of repairing and maintaining a flat roof compared to the cost of installing a new pitched roof is generally the same. It all comes down to preference, maintenance, location, and choice.