It’s no secret that Boulder residents are careful about the impact they have on the environment. It stands to reason that the environment should be on their mind when they choose their next roofing material. This choice can have a big impact on the overall footprint a homeowner has on their local environment.

Energy Efficient Boulder Roofing

Choose Recycled Materials: Asphalt shingles do have a high oil content but manufacturers are getting better every year at reusing and recycling the asphalt in shingles. Look for options that are manufactured with a high percentage of recycled materials. Some materials such as metal roofing can be made entirely of post consumer recycled elements.

Choose Reflective Materials: Every year more roofing materials are being developed that are excellent at minimizing your power bill. There are traditional reflective or “cool” roofing materials that are white or light in color that naturally reflect sunlight. This has a myriad of benefits, the reflected heat won’t get into your home causing the temperature to rise. This can save you potentially hundreds of dollars each year in reduced energy consumption costs.

With new technologies the homeowner now has more of a choice in color and style as well. Many new asphalt shingles being developed are Energy Star reflective shingles and they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Energy Star shingles are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency at reflecting a certain percentage of light and heat. Simply look for the Energy Start logo or request these materials from your Boulder roofing salesman.

Consider New Materials: Think outside the box when it comes to roofing! Metal roofing is now an excellent option for your next roof. Other non traditional materials such as composite roofing can style up your house and save you energy like never before!

Benefits of Energy Efficient Boulder Roofing

Not only can these materials assure you that you are doing your part for the planet, they can have less of an impact on your wallet as well. Many Energy Star certified materials can qualify you for certain tax credits to help the roof pay for itself!