Roofcorp Inc. of Metro Denver prides itself on being certified as an A+ company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Denver / Boulder Colorado. Many people might wonder what a business needs to do to earn this type of rating and what the Better Business Bureau stands for. We will take a look at the BBB Denver and how they evaluate companies.

 A Brief History of BBB Denver

The Better Business Bureau is a non profit organization founded in 1912 to promote trust in the marketplace. AS of 2012, there are over 4 million businesses registered with the BBB. The BBB serves as a third party to resolve disputes between customers and places of business. There are currently over 8,000 businesses registered with the Denver BBB.

Why Should a Business Register?

Despite being over 100 years old, the BBB is still one of the most trusted consumer resources when it comes to finding reputable businesses. High grades mean that a company has had little consumer complaints and what complaints they have received have been resolved in a timely manner.

A business should register for the trust that comes with a BBB accredidation. This shows consumers they are reliable and transparent.

How Does a Business Become BBB Denver Certified?

A business must be more than a year old, no government actions being taken against the business, and no open complaints or pattern of bad business practices. The company must also follow the BBB’s Standards For Trust, which are eight principles outlined to create and maintain trust in a business.

If the business meets these requirements they can meet with a BBB representative to find if they are BBB material.

What do all the Letters Mean?

The BBB uses a letter scale much like any school. The highest rating you can receive is an A+ and the lowest an F.

Several different factors contribute to the overall grade by the BBB. Some of the more common factors are number of complaints, resolution of complaints, how long the business has existed, and the type of business. A more detailed explanation of the accreditation process can be found at the BBB Denver‘s web site.