When dealing with roofers, you might not even know where to start. You might not know anything about your roof other than it keeps you dry when the weather gets tough. If you’re a homeowner, you might pick up a few things here and there but when something goes wrong, you turn to a roofer to sort it out. When dealing with a roofer, what’s the most important question to ask? We have the answer.

The Question to Ask Your Roofer

The most important question to ask your roofer is whether a repair will suffice. Depending on what the issue is, your roofer will give you a recommendation on what to do next. That recommendation will come with an estimate. In some cases, you might be able to get by with a simple repair; in other cases, you might need a full replacement. That’s why asking whether a repair will take care of any issues is key to getting the best possible deal long-term on your roof.

While a repair might be okay for the short-term, you may still need to replace the roof down the line, even a couple of years down the road. If that’s a likely outcome, it may be more beneficial for you to replace your roof when you need the repair if your insurance company will cover the cost. When it comes to hail and wind damage, many insurance companies will opt to replace your roof instead of doing simple repairs because upgrading your shingles will prevent further damage well into the future.

Ask your roofer, and your insurance company, whether replacing the roof is in the best interest of your home when they come out and perform an inspection. You might be surprised by the answer. In the long run, replacing your roof and upgrading your shingles will increase the longevity of your roof, increase your property value, and increase your peace of mind. Depending on how old your home and roof is, you may be long overdue for a roof replacement and not even realize it until what looks like a simple repair is needed.