If you’re tired of blending in with all of the neighbors with your asphalt shingles or want the perfect match for your Mediterranean style home it may be time for you to consider a tile roof. Tile roofs may refer to either clay or concrete tiles. They provide many unique benefits¬†and are one of the longest lasting materials on the market! Let’s take a look at some the advantages of tiles roofs.

Unique Advantages of Tile Roofs

If we could only use one word to describe tile roofs it would be durable. Tiles from ancient Greece and even civilizations before that have been found fully intact and could probably still be used today. Most tiles will outlast the structure that they are put on so many come with lifetime warranties so chances are a tile roof will be the last roof install you ever have. So if you’re tired of replacing your shingles every ten years than tile may be the way to go.

A roofing material wouldn’t have such longevity without being able to stand up to mother nature. Clay and concrete tiles finds their strength in the materials used to produce them, clay and concrete. This is similar to putting a suit of armor over top of your house. Tile roofs are able to stand up to strong sustained winds, driving rain and snow and even the roof’s worst enemy, the hail storm. This makes tile an excellent choice for areas that receive large amounts of severe weather and if you’ve had problems with ice dams before choose tile. The smooth surface of the tile does not like to hold onto snow and ice.

Clay and concrete tiles are essentially stone slabs so they are non-combustible making them perfect in areas prone to wildfire. It’s not that tiles are fire resistant, they won’t burn period.

We’ve discussed the functional benefits of tile but they are also a very aesthetically pleasing material. There are many different color choices available, everything from the clay’s natural color to a custom color blend. Mix and match the different colors to get a pattern and roof that is uniquely your own. Tiles are often the perfect choice for southwestern, mediterranean and adobe style homes.

As you can see tile roofing has many unique benefits. Talk to your roofing contractor about upgrading your home with a tile roof.