There are many different factors to consider when choosing a Denver roofing company for your home. We have talked about some of the major factors such as price, covering insurance, and materials but there are many other little things when it comes to the best company.

Here are some things you should look out for right before and during the job site to give feedback and decided if you want to recommend the company to friends or family.

Little Things to Look for in a Denver Roofing Company

Receiving Feedback

Timely responses to questions- A salesman should do  his or her best job at answering most if not all of your questions before the actual roofing begins. Sometimes issues and questions do arise though. Your salesman or consultant should be quick to answer your questions and concerns.

This is an overall mark of a reliable company as a whole. Your salesman should always be responsive, courteous and informative.


The delivery of your materials is usually done by a third party company. However they still are an arm of your roofing contractor and you should expect good service. The delivery is usually quick and efficient. Check your driveway and note any cracks or faults in it before the delivery arrives. A good company will usually be happy to fix any damage that they could potentially leave.

Make sure to do your part as well, leave a wide clear path for trucks to maneuver next to your home.

The Crew

The bulk of your interaction with this Denver roofing company will be with the actual crew that does the work for you. Most of the times they want to be as out of the way as possible and not cause you any disturbances. Look for your crew to quiet, courteous and importantly, do a good job with the clean up.

There is no question that the roofing process is loud and dirty but look for a crew that attempts to minimize this. Loud, obnoxious or rude crew members should be reported to the roofing company.

The Follow up 

Your roofing salesman or consultant should give you a call after the job is completed to make sure you are satisfied with the results!

If you are satisfied with the overall product, let the company know. Feedback is welcome and if you really want to show them they did good a job, agree to write a testimonial.