A roof leak is one of the biggest frustrations a homeowner can deal with. The leak often comes on suddenly, during a storm, and there’s nothing you can do but put a bucket under it and hope for the best until you can get a roofer out. Let’s look at five of the top reasons why your roof may be leaking and how you can prevent this from happening to your home.

5 Reasons Why Your Roof Might Be Leaking

Here’s five reasons why your roof is leaking:

Shingle damage

Shingle damage is a major issue when it comes to leaks. It’s another issue that you may not notice until a leak happens. Missing shingles, bent ones, and just nails that get pounded down wrong can cause leaks that start slow and turn into larger problems when you least expect it.

Flashing issues

Flashing helps cover steams and transitions on your roof but when damaged can cause even the smallest of leaks to spring into full-fledged issues. Corrosion, bent metal and more can cause flashing leaks. The issue with flashing is that until something leaks, you may not know you have an issue to deal with.

Skylight cracks

Skylights can cause issues when cracked. This is another issue that starts slowly, then turns into a nightmare. In many cases, you can’t see a crack in the skylight until it starts leaking unless you’re at the right angle.

Ice dams

Ice dams, during winter, can cause issues for any roof. Warmth from your attic starts melting snow on the roof, the water runs off the roof into eaves and freezes again. This process continues over and over again until you have a giant stake of ice hanging from the side of your roof. Over time, water starts backing up under shingles, which pools and can leak through your attic into your home.


In most homes, plumbing runs through the entire home. Unfortunately, sometimes under a roof plumbing has to be run. Vent pipes, flues, vents and fan ducts can all leak during a heavy storm.