Ever wonder why the roofing industry has such a bad reputation? It’s because of bad roofers, shoddy work ethic and the storm chaser mentality. We want to share some roofing industry secretes with you that other roofers don’t want you to know. Here’s four secrets your roofer doesn’t want you to know.

4 Secrets Roofers Don’t Want You to Know

Storm chasers make the roofing industry

Storm chasers are what make roofing companies money. In fact, some of these companies just chase storms year round, hence the name. They knock on your door incessantly, pressure you into signing a contract and you may be getting a good deal, but will the work last? Chances are it won’t but since consumers simply hire a new company to fix issues, these storm chasers last.

Roofing scams are rampant

Roofing scams happen in every city across the nation year after year. Seniors, retirees and others are scammed by what they think are genuine roofers. They ask for cash up front, you hand it over, and they’re gone along with your money and your roofing needs still in jeopardy.

Things go wrong all the time

Things go wrong with roofs all the time, more than you know. Roofers cut corners, take things for granted and then when inspection time comes around, your roof may fail. If it fails, you have to wait for the roofer to come back out, fix the issue and hope you pass inspection. This is more common than you think.

We’ll work with you until we won’t

Roofing issues fall through the cracks. It happens at every roofing company no matter the intention. Depending on the issue, roofing companies may put it off until the last minute, give you the run around or just flat out ignore you. If they have your money, why waste the time, right?

Not all roofers are bad guys and they do their best to fix issues that come up, but roofing scams and stories get told more than most other industries. These are the facts about the roofing industry.